About Us


HOUSE OF JOY is a social concern and a non-profit charitable home that administers shelter, care and training to orphans, children and teens who are underprivileged, abused, abandoned & neglected, poor, and delinquent. Besides children’s home, we also give shelter and care to some underprivileged and destitute old folk. House of Joy has been established since 1st August 1992 by Rev Tang Chee Sing and his wife Lee Ching Mun.

               The aim of House of Joy is to reach out to these needy people, to develop a real sense of worth and a change for the betterment amongst children, teenagers and the elderly. We hope that by loving, caring, counseling, educating, training and transforming through restoration will help this needy especially children and teenagers into useful adults, ready to face life’s challenges.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To protect, shelter and to provide a loving and caring homely environment for orphans, underprivileged, abused, neglected, abandoned, delinquent and helpless single parented children and teens.
  • To nurture and cultivate good values, brotherhood and sisterhood love among children, teens and elderly.
  • To provide facilities and opportunities for literacy learning, appreciation of music and art, developing IT, language, leadership and living skills.
  • To cultivate positive moral and spiritual values, helping children to regain trust, self control, faithful to God and to become a good and discipline citizen.

House Of Joy provides

  • Residential care to orphans, under privileged children and those from neglected, broken, abused and poor family as well as weak and destitute elders.
  • Help provided in personal developments; physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.
  • Help children who wanted to continue and further their education.
  • Cultivate good values in the children so that they will be good citizens and leader of the nation.


How can you help us

House Of Joy depends largely on public donations/contributions for its operations. Funding from individuals, organizations, companies, and churches. We hope to work in partnership with more organizations, companies, and churches for funding through sponsorship program, to support and ease our financial constraints.


Future Plans


We will continue to  pray and seek God’s will and guidance earnestly on the following plans:

  • Workshop for industrial & skill learning
  • A farming project
  • A recreational & hospitality training centre
  • Setup more homes within Malaysia